Boredom begets shopping

I’m so bored.  So very very bored today.  I don’t know what it is – I obviously don’t have enough impending study to do…  All this excess boredom gives me the chance to peruse many a website during the day.  Today, I have already checked the forecast, my favourite news websites, flights between LA and Mpls, my bank account…   This is all aside from the obviously (all 3 email accounts and facebook).

Eager to Recycle Bag

I’ve integrated a few new websites into my daily routine.  That latest is ModCloth.  There are new items every day!  It’s a

fashion/internet addict’s dream come true.  Highly recommended.  Kind of like Anthropologie (currently the Holy Grail of RTW vertically integrated fashion) but a little more retro, younger, and cheaper.  It isn’t just clothes, there are other cute items, like the reusable bag pictured.

Another site which I’m not checking daily, but is simply a product I’ve become a fan of is Purple Camel Soap.  Seriously.  Ignore the hokey title and low budget website.  Her soaps are changing weekly and they are simply divine.  I’ve converted, even though previously I’ve been a fan of Eco store and Mistral.  Purple camel soaps are kind of like the best of both worlds.

Anyways, my brain has officially left for the day, and it’s not even lunch time yet!  ‘Til next time.


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