Travel tips!

It seems like everyone has been on holiday recently!  One of my sisters was recently in Mexico, another was recently in Jamaica, Emily and Ryan just went on a Caribbean cruise, and I just walked the Milford Track (ok, maybe not as glamorous and tropical as everyone else’s recent vacay, but it was absolutely spectacular).

Then, at work this week my boss brought in this little book – Lonely Planet’s 1000 ultimate experiences. So I was inspired to browse the good ol’ Dunedin library to find out what sort of travel books they had.  So at the moment I’ve been browsing National Geographic’s: Journeys of  Lifetime.  You see, when I finish my PhD I want to take a big holiday.  Like, big.  And long.  So, you know, I’m just scoping things out a bit.  : D

So here are my top choices at the moment, in no particular order:

1.  Holiday in Europe – Sadly, I’ve never been to mainland Europe.  Sad, Sad, Sad!!!  So I’m super keen for Italy, Spain, France/Belgium, Germany and the UK.  So…  like all of it (I just want to look at ridiculously old buildings, victorian costumes, old churches and cemeteries and castles and monuments until I just about vomit).  ALL.  Hey, it takes a long time to mark a PhD thesis.  I had better start saving now.

2.  Tanzania – aka African Safari (wildebeest migration!  Lions.  Elephants.  Giraffes.  c’mon, awesome) and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Finish a PhD, then climb a mountain.  I’m soooo keen.

Nasca Monkey

3.  Peru – Machu Piccu AND (thank you Nat’l Geo book for this next one) the Nasca Lines. The former which is becoming a bit commercial which is kind of gutting, and the latter which I had never even heard above before.  They are hundreds of animal and geometric figures etched into a desert plateau between 200 B.C. and 700 A.D.  They can only be seen from the air.  Why would an ancient race of people create images – art – that can only be seen from the air?  Oooh mysterious!  Some researchers have said it is viable to create a hot-air balloon from prehistoric materials, while others say “aliens”.  It’s a big mystery.  I’m keen.

4.  China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan – aka “The Silk Road”.  I think his would be pretty sweet.  On the way you can stop and see things like the buried terra cotta warriors, some of the world’s oldest inhabited cities.  Apparently it takes an entire month and “the n of Central Asia have many problems, check official travel advice in advance” <—  Thanks, Nat’l Geo.  But since I live and breathe silk over here, it would be a fitting trip.

*      *     *

And of course, after walking the Milford Track (rated by Nat’l Geo as #2 walk in the world, AND having the MacKinnon Pass as the feature photo for the entire “on foot” section of the book.  #1 was the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming), my bf and I have plans to do many other NZ tramps in the next couple of years.  At the top of my list (bf’s list may be a little different – LOL!) at the moment is a combination of the Routeburn and the Greenstone, or the Greenstone Caples.  We’re also keen to do the Hump-ridge, and the Heaphy.  Most of those are “great walks” – and therefore more expensive to do than the other tramps (we’re talking $50/day to walk them and stay in the huts).  So we shall see.  We’ll prob try to do more of the cheaper ones too.

So dear readers – what are your grand travel dreams at the moment?  Might I suggest New Zealand?

*      *      *

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.
~Saint Augustine


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