Vampires, Vampires, Vampires, oh my!

So I came across this article today. Yep, more vampires.  As I said, it’s vampire hysteria out there!  However, the aforementioned article sums up the hype pretty accurately.  Why do we like vampires?  Because they can help us escape reality.

I’ve just about finished the Twilight series now (okay, I had to read the books slightly out of order due to lack of availability from the lib, however I substituted the New Moon movie for book, so I maintained the story order, and that’s what counts).  I loved it.  Yep, could barely put book number four down (despite someone telling me beforehand how rubbish it was).  Apparently I have a thing for trashy books because honestly, I thought it was brilliant.  In fact, I even forgot about the rather awful dialogue (or perhaps the author’s writing skills are improving with each book?) and was totally engrossed in the story.  Honestly, I can’t wait for the fourth movie (I think there is going to be a scene reminiscent of Alien…  Not entirely sure how that will be tailored for the teen and pre-teen audience, but personally I’m hoping it’s every bit as gory as the book makes it out to be)!

Right, back to my original mention of that sweet msn article.  I think the reason I love this stuff so much is because in reality I have to read a lot of scientific journal articles, and try to decipher fact from the weasel words, critically evaluate methodology, analysis and interpretation of other people’s results.  So a light vampire novel I can read in two days?  Yep.  The tired and admittedly sometimes bored ol’ imagination is keen.


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