Darkly Dreaming Dexter

I’m totally slacking.  Instead of reading journal articles and incorporating them into my lit review, I’m blogging…

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a little obsessive.  I’m not afraid to admit it – it’s not in a scary way – I just get caught up in ‘things’ – and I get very passionate about them.  However, I don’t usually become obsessed with TV shows.  In fact, I pretty much haven’t watched TV in almost 2 years.  But lately, Dan and I have been watching entire series (in lieu of movies – since he’s seen virtually every movie ever made that was remotely worth watching – and in fact he’s seen quite a few TV series too, but I’ll come to that later).  Right, so instead of movies we’ve been watching TV series.  We started with Rome, which I really enjoyed.  Mostly historically accurate.  The most expensive show ever made (per episode).  The costumes were quite elaborate (I was a fan).  And how can you not love Pollo and Verinus?  Anyways, Dan had already seen that but was keen to re-watch, so we did.

But then Rome ended.  Now we’re onto Dexter, which Dan hasn’t seen.  I didn’t know anything about Dexter except the most basic premise – a forensic scientist who is actually serial killer.  My first question was – But what happens if he has to investigate his own crimes???  LOL.  So he’s a serial killer – who is great with kids, and has a set of morals, justice – and the all important sense of humor.  He’s your every day average genius, just with…  a dark side.  Oh, and did I mention that Michael C. Hall is hot?  Even Dan admits “he’s rather striking.”  For the boys – there’s a lot of hot ladies too.  And they get their kit off.  Lucky you.

Blood spatter….
Blood spatter....

Ok, maybe you’ve been watching Dexter for like years now – it’s just onto Season 4 in the US.  Over here we’ve just started season 3.  But it’s fricking awesome.  I love it!  I mean, it’s completely absurd – and not in my usual favourite genre which would be comedy (That 70s show, Flight of the Conchords, Pushing Daisies – which I’m still gutted about getting canceled.  Seriously, best costumes and most ludicrous precedent for a show ever.  I loved it).

Dan and I are only up to episode eight of season 2 of Dexter at the moment.  And in the credits last night Dan pointed out the show is actually based on – gasp! – a book! Who is obsessed with books?  Oh right, that’s me.  So I requested the book – Darkly Dreaming Dexter – from the library this morning.  The premise appears to be exactly Season 1 – but I’m still keen.

Have you watched Dexter yet?  Are you going to now after my awesome recommendation?

Next we’re planning to watch True Blood…  Woo Hoo Anna Paquin – aka my celebrity twin.


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