I went to grad school and became… a nerd.

So here I am ranting and raving about fashion (something generally classified by most people as shallow and mindless).  However, I was browsing my friend Emily’s blog just a moment ago and saw a link to Stats made Easy.  Prior to grad school, a link like this would have never ever ever in a million years appealed to me.  But all of that has changed.  My God, instead of Ewwww stats! it’s Ooooh stats…  Because it’s those p values, and Tukey’s tests that will make or break your thesis.  So suddenly, yes, stats are very interesting.  Yes, I clicked on the link and browsed around to see if there was anything useful.

Shit, get me my pocket protector right now, I don’t want to get ink all over my sexy lab coat.

In the lab, 2008


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