How do you spell Ugly?

New Zealand.  The name conjurs up beautiful scenery, exotic kiwi birds, penguins, bungy jumping, silverferns…  ah, lovely.  However, thoughts of New Zealand does not really coincide with fashion.  Sure, there are some big name NZ designers.  Karen Walker.  Trelise Cooper.  *sounds of crickets chirping*


Choice offerings on display

Why is there no one else?  NZ is a small country.  There are some big NZ brands.  There’s a few local chains.  But in all honesty, NZ is the fashion abyss!!  All we get over here are Aussie rejects.  It’s unfortunate, really.  On the left we have an image of a Dunedin store front (FYI it’s 3 blocks from my flat).  I pass by it nearly every day.  I have never, ever seen anyone inside this store. Perhaps it’s the pervasive cheap and nasty image that it projects?  In fact, I seriously suspect this store may actually be a front for something else.  Dunedin council of Magic, perhaps?

I should also add that I’ve never actually seen anyone wearing a garment which I could identify as being purchased at said store…  It just looks, horrible, cheap, trampy? Look at that pink thing (dare I call it a dress?)!  It is an assault on the eyes.  It is the antithesis of style.  It looks like one of Barbie’s cast offs.

I think this is a good example of why I went a little shopping crazy on my last visit home.

Ok, in all honesty this is by far the most consistently bad storefront, simply due to the fact that everything in the store is hideous (sadly, you can’t see the back wall featuring bejeweled denim in this shot…  store workers always look at me a bit oddly when I take photos of the windows…  ).

‘Til next posting, when I shall feature yet another example of Dunedin ‘fashion’.  Fashion?  No, it doesn’t deserve the name.  We shall call it Dunedin clothing.


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