Take two

I’m starting over.  Er, starting anew.  My previous blog was a bit of a failure.  It was a mix of a mass email/journal – lots of ranting and raving.  No concise theme (except me ranting and raving).  No one really read it.

So I’ve decided to start over.  That’s the great thing about life – second chances as it were.  So here I am, just finished my masters, about to start my PhD.  Therefore, it’s time to give the ol’ blog a makeover.

Some things will stay the same (this is still my “personal” blog, however I will try to focus in more on the following:  Travel, fashion, postgrad study, possibly food, cultural differences, pretty much whatever strikes me).  I will try to include more photos (I’m a visual person still).  In general, I shall strive to make this the new and improved Idealism never goes out of fashion.

So, while you’re mulling that over, I’m looking for suggestions of really dramatic/dark or scary sounding music.  Could be from a movie, or just some really epic songs from a band.  Anything will do.   Thanks kindly!


2 thoughts on “Take two

  1. May I also suggest Sin City and X-Men soundtracks. Or perhaps Night on Bald Mountain or Toccata and Fugue in D Minor if you’re looking for something more classical.

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